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A solid identity and prospering business rarely occur by accident. (Well, unless you’re really lucky.) The rest of us need a little support.

What do you need from your communications and marketing partner to help ensure sustainable success? We believe it comes down to six primary qualities:

Your partner should be a skilled communications and marketing craftsman. And have a solid track record to prove it. Placing clients in major print and electronic media outlets. Creating ads that drive sales, not just make you laugh. Developing solid print collateral and Web sites that are as attractive as they are functional. Creating and implementing employee communications programs that improve morale, behavior, and job satisfaction. Developing comprehensive public relations and marketing communications plans that increase sales, provide focus, and establish brands and increase sales. We’ve done these things. But more importantly, we’ve helped businesses to grow.

Strategic and Detailed Thinking
When you can see the forest as well as that one individual tree, you have true perspective. We bring the important combination of seeing the big picture while also focusing on the details (without the aid of GPS or night-vision goggles).

We invest ourselves in getting to know your business, your market, your challenges, and your aspirations. As you get to know us, you’ll see our driving motivation is your success. After all, it’s a lot more fun winning.

Life is too short and your business is too important to approach them with less than full passion. We are passionate about finding the real problem you face and the best solution. We are passionate about making you happy.

When you get "yes-man" responses, you also get nowhere. We want to challenge you and ourselves to arrive at the best answers together. With an open rapport, we can also enjoy working with each other that much more.

We offer Michigan Avenue services at Main Street fees. We believe you’re going to feel we made a difference and provided a greater return than you invested. Our fees are also typically 35 to 50 percent less than what you would have to pay most other agencies.