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Following are a few comments clients shared about their experience working with SHERMAN communications & marketing and/or Jason Sherman.

"Sherman Communications has produced tremendous results for us over the last three years. They combine an  "out of the box"  approach to news generation with good old fashioned persistence. And the result-broken down  barriers and increased hits. They get the job done."

Hank Shulruff, senior vice president

Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund


"Jason has provided exceptional communications expertise throughout the development and implementation of the Academy for Global Citizenship. I have been particularly impressed with Jason's refreshing energy, innovative thinking and ability to drive fruitful connections."

Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, founder and executive director

Academy for Global Citizenship


"The Academy has been working with Sherman Communications for about two years now.  Jason Sherman and his people have been great to work with and they get results.  If you are looking to publisize your company in a quality manner then Sherman Communications is the way to go."

Stuart Rosenbloom, director of admissions

American Academy of Art


"We've used Sherman Communications for media and outreach strategy for over a year and have been very impressed with the results. Jason has an uncanny ability to get the word out for events. He draws plenty of media coverage before and during events. If you're looking to publicize an event or make an announcement and want to make sure that you have a nice crowd, you won't be disappointed with Sherman Communications."

Michael van Zalingen, director of homeownership services

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago


"Thank you for doing a great job. You helped me to create a solid brand, new logo and tag line, new website, and lots of ideas for reaching people. These efforts have helped my new pediatric dental practice to grow and move in a positive direction. Your expertise with getting me on television, in the local papers and in national trade magazines has been great. I have become a celebrity. For the record, I am willing to sign autographs.

"Again, I sincerely appreciate all the effort you have put into my practice and have enjoyed working with you. I hope to continue working with you for a long time. I would highly recommend you, Jason, and your firm to anyone and am happy to speak about my experience working with you.”

Dr. Lee Weinstein, founder

Dental Associates for Kids Only


"Jason is a high-energy guy, a great listener, and he always brings fresh, innovative ideas to the table. He is responsive, fast, thorough, results-oriented and provides a good value. Since he began working with ATG in mid-2008, Jason's efforts have increased ATG's public profile and brought a level of exposure we'd not been able to achieve in the past."

Mary Beth McCarthy, senior manager - corporate communications

Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund


“Jason Sherman puts his money where his mouth is...he delivers on creative projects and provides imaginative publicity that works on many levels. He's a great strategic thinker who can help you with real issues, like growing revenues and impacting your bottom line.”
Phillip McCaleb, founder and president
Genuine Scooter Co.


“Sherman Communications has provided excellent ideas to promote our institution. It is a high-energy company that has listened to our needs and goals.  Jason and his team are a pleasure to work with. They have produced several high-impact media stories for The Academy. We remain a very satisfied client.”
Duncan Webb, Academic Dean

American Academy of Art


"I hired Sherman Communications to help get the word out about Terra Incognito. We were experiencing a very tough time due to the economy and to having opened a second location, less than a year before. It was not an easy undertaking. I had a limited budget and time frame, but Jason and his team worked diligently and even beyond the agreed upon number of hours. They spent time familiarizing themselves with our business model and the idiosyncratic needs of my situation. They came up with a number of strong plans to link us to a larger community.

"When it came to promoting a fundraising event at our new location, they were all over it. Jason and his team's promotional involvement was invaluable. We had all the media exposure we could hope to have had. The event was a huge success. In fact, due to the success of the Empty Bowls event, we were named "Business of the Year" in La Grange.

"What struck me most about Jason and his team, though, was that they really seemed to care about my business and situation. I've dealt with other marketing firms. The level of involvement and personal attention I received from Sherman Communications was way beyond what I had experienced in the past. Plus, working with Jason couldn't have been easier. Good ideas, good communication, good people, good results...what more could you ask for?"

David Toan, founder and owner
Terra Incognito Studios and Gallery


"We hired Sherman Communications to work with our company to create its brand identity and expand our exposure throughout the real estate industry and the Chicagoland area. Creating a positive image in an industry dusted with negativity was the challenge faced by Distinguished Dwellings, Ltd. and Sherman Communications.  Jason and his firm succeeded in helping us accomplish our goals by tapping into their vast knowledge of various industries and incorporating strategies that were successful for others outside the real estate market. In doing so they found a fresh, new approach to marketing our company. 

“Jason’s young, energetic personality and receptiveness to new ideas facilitated his ability to create a brand for our company that stood out from others in the real estate industry. In fact, Jason’s exposure to various industries provides him with a large pool of strategies to grab from allowing us to avoid the cookie-cutter approach most industry-specific PR firms often use. We highly recommend Jason Sherman and Sherman Communications.” 

Nick DiCosola, president and founder

Distinguished Dwellings


"For the two years I worked closely with Jason, he was the lead person on our agency’s account team. He consistently recommended and implemented low-cost, high-impact PR and marketing communications strategies and initiatives that got RE/MAX International results. We found him to be creative, imaginative, energetic, and very helpful. I would make the highest recommendation to anyone considering working with Jason Sherman."
Bill Echols, vice president of public relations
RE/MAX International, Inc.


“It is without reservation that I recommend Jason and SHERMAN communications and marketing to address all of your marketing needs. I can say this without knowing what your needs are as Jason will learn about your business, your personality and desires, and work to fulfill the goals that he will help you lay out in your Plan.

“I was initially concerned that Jason would not grasp our very specialized area of expertise, but Jason proved himself to be diligent in his pursuit of our success. He is easy to work with and often thinks ‘outside of the box,’ to get your message to the people that matter. My business partner and I sometimes don't see things in the same light, and Jason helped put things in perspective for us both to find the common ground so things will work.

“We have now been in local, regional and national trade and consumer media as well as on major network and Latino news thanks to Jason’s efforts. From creating our voice-on-hold script to developing a head-turning collateral campaign to helping us build our referral network, Jason has helped our practice fire on all cylinders. I am happy to provide specifics about our working with Jason. I think Jason could help almost any business, be it big or small, to reach the next level (or two!)."
David H. Hanson, M.D., D.D.S., co-founder
Lincoln Park Institute for Oral and Cosmetic Surgery  (


"In my 12 years of marketing, I’ve hired and worked with more marketing agencies and consultants than I can probably remember. One person that stands out for me, however, is Jason Sherman. He has proven himself to be a hard-working, hard-hitting marketing strategist who blends bold strategic thinking and ingenious execution. If you’re looking for innovative marketing that really moves the needle, I’d recommend Jason to anyone but my competitors."
Randy Foliente, vice president of marketing
Moby Marketing, Inc. (former director of marketing, Helus)


“From the very beginning, Jason Sherman understood what our company needed and was adept at explaining those needs. His company slogan, ‘the passionate pursuit of results,’ describes perfectly what he does.

“I would like to impart a short history of our experience with Jason. Initially, Jason interviewed us on what our company is doing and what we are trying to do. At that time we had just come out with a new product called the Buffalo Peanut. With excellent organizational skills, he was able to lay out a comprehensive plan to gain exposure for this product and our company.

“Jason’s enthusiasm for us as a client fuels his creativity to find the parts of our experience as a company that are most interesting to our target audience and then form those parts into a cohesive story. We spent two weeks deciding what was novel about us and what we found fascinating about our business and products.

“Once Jason had the story down on paper, he really went to work. The real secret of Jason’s creativity comes in his ability to see connections where there seemingly are none. With only a thread of commonality between our company and other contacts, Jason has managed to tell our story and match us up with other individuals and companies that have resulted in wide exposure and even direct sales.

“Jason's efforts toward our initial goal of exposure has resulted in several newspaper articles, including one in the Wall Street Journal, as well as in the Detroit News, Oakland Press, Crain’s Detroit Business, Macomb Daily and upcoming articles in dBusiness and the Detroit Jewish News. Moreover, Jason has gotten product reviews in The Nibble, Fiery Foods, Taquitos, Nightclub Bar Magazine and others to come. We even got a 3½ minute story on CNBC that aired nationally! As of the first of October 2007, Jason has been working with us for seven months, and most of this activity has occurred within the last five months.

“Jason's impact on our company is substantial. Our customers have a new and improved respect for what we are doing. Prospective customers are easily willing to listen to our pitch when they find out where our story is being told. And sales of our new Buffalo Peanuts are growing. We are getting calls from all over the country and Canada.

“Jason is extremely attentive to detail. His guidance in helping us do our part in this public relations effort has been invaluable. He makes sure, for example, we dispatch emails to all our contacts when a story hits the news. We think so highly of Jason that I would recommend a company put him on retainer now before he gets too busy to take on new clients.

Daniel Levy, founder
Nuts are Good! / Fresh Roasted Almond Company (


"Whenever you hire an external marketing consultant and media specialist to help craft and carry your company's message to key constituents, you need to have complete trust in this person's capabilities. That's what I have with Jason. He combines a rare mix of foresight and meticulous planning with a hit-the-ground-running mentality that is perfect for executing against a plan and quickly producing results."
Brett Wangman, president
The Center for Association Growth (formerly VP of marketing with Participate Systems)


"I've rarely found a company that lived up to its tag line. For Sherman Communications ‘the passionate pursuit of results’ is absolutely true.

"Jason Sherman cultivated all the best media contacts in our industry and generated an incredible level of excitement and interest in our company and our service. This interest manifested in the form of timely and compelling write ups and articles that have given us more inquiries and leads than we have been able to handle. His grasp of technology and media relations is a great pairing.

"Jason is professional, smart and a joy to work with. What more can you ask for than someone who produces the results you want and makes the whole process a pleasure?”
Patricia Keljik, founder and president
giantLEAP, Inc.


"Jason Sherman worked alongside our public relations department to create and execute a media relations strategy that landed us in The New York Times. Working with him on-site, we learned that Jason has a never-say-die attitude about reaching his clients’ goals. Jason checks his ego at the door to get the job done. He’s an equally effective communications strategist and tactician."
William Perry, director of public relations
SumTotal Systems (formerly with Participate Systems)


"Jason clearly has a strong competency in developing marketing & communication strategies. Regardless of the industry, he devotes the necessary time and effort to understand your market, your competitors, and your challenges."
Brent Arnold, vice president of marketing
Allegiance Healthcare, Convertors Group (now Cardinal Health)


"Sherman Communications & Marketing has made a ‘marketing believer’ out of me. Jason and his firm have convinced me that there is a partner out there that really contributes positively to the bottom line through outstanding marketing research, strategic planning, and PR. I have been in the industry long enough to know that there are thousands of good people and companies that ‘do’ marketing communications, but very few who work hard at making a difference for a company. Sherman Communications & Marketing is one of those rare-breed firms that gets it and delivers."
Mark Mohr, chief executive officer
StudioNorth (


"Looking back now, we have come to realize how important and valuable the work you did for us was. It was a stretch for us to afford PR and marketing communications so early on, but I think that it was incredibly valuable in our launch and in the way that our company has come to be perceived. I would recommend to any company to bite the bullet and have a strategic plan done for them to help focus what the company is about.

"When people contact us about Folioplanet, they invariably compliment us on what we are doing. We’re considered ‘the artist's friend’, a ‘grassroots’ type of company, etc., which are all things that were mentioned in the key messages and positioning that you helped us develop. In our subsequent promotions, interviews and public speaking, we have always referred back to those messages and positioning. This has helped to keep our message focused and on target.

"Honestly, we really didn’t understand how important that was at the time, but now we can see that it has worked perfectly and helped us grow into a well-known and well-respected site for illustrators. We’re clearly identified as the alternative to older traditional competitors, which is how we wanted to be perceived. We’ve seen other companies enter the field without a strong PR plan, and they have stumbled – to our advantage.

"So, in short, the work you did for us was very helpful. It made sure that our company launched in the right direction and has served to guide us as we move forward."

Bryan Leister, president and


“The media placements you secured absolutely created a huge buzz and interest in our transponders in the sailing world. You truly earned your money.”
Kim Flagstad, president and founder
Flagship Integration Services


“Jason and Sherman Communications provided individualized service in helping to create a brochure for a unique pediatric program. He was very in tune to the needs of our program and had a great grasp of the information and message that we were trying to communicate. His skills and expertise allowed us to create a very compelling, creative, friendly and informative communications tool. I would highly recommend Jason’s services.”
Lisa Mulvaney, M.Ed.
CCLS (formerly pediatric program coordinator, University of Chicago Hospitals)


"Jason Sherman, of Sherman Communications & Marketing, has been working with our company since autumn of 2002 on a wide range of well-defined, specific projects as well as on creating a comprehensive strategic marketing and communications plan for our company’s future.

"In short, Jason’s strategic efforts have helped us to: 1) Increase sources of referrals – through new partnership with complementary organizations and individuals that we expect will lead to a significant increase in sales; 2) Define our identity and overall brand better, leading to greater unity among our staff and stronger positioning in the marketplace; 3) Understand our competitors and their strengths and weaknesses better; and 4) Give shape, direction and clarity to our overall 12-month marketing efforts – something that will help us both spend our money more wisely and meet our bigger business objectives. Overall, Jason has helped us to see the value of strategic marketing.

"Throughout our experience with Jason, he has displayed limitless energy and enthusiasm that is infectious both to our own staff as well as to prospective customers and third parties with whom he has worked on our behalf. He is intensely passionate about his work – quickly becoming our company’s most vocal supporter and fan. Immediately upon working with him, he began to generate creative marketing concepts at a pace that was clearly beyond the scope of his obligation. When we ask him to implement any given idea, he executes assertively, with exceeding effectiveness; and best of all, he stays within budget. He has always been mindful of our resources and able to prioritize his work on projects that would give us the greatest 'bang for our buck'.

"One of the most gratifying things about working with Jason is his level of communications with us. Being based in Florida, we were initially concerned about utilizing a marketing firm in Chicago. However, we have found the distance to be of very little consequence. Jason lets us know on a regular basis what he is doing, the progress he is making, and when he anticipates being complete on any given project. This allows me to structure our finances accordingly so that his invoices are never a surprise or a question of what he has done during those hours. Our discussions also allow us together to manipulate a project as it is being implemented to gain the best possible results. He is clearly able to gear his communication with a given client, like us, to that client’s desired level.

"Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Jason has an affable personality that just makes people like him. This not only makes him incredibly pleasant to work with, but also helps him implement marketing ideas in a way that people do not feel 'pitched to' and remain open to the underlying message. Never have I known anyone so intelligent with such creative marketing savvy who can pursue an objective aggressively and yet be so truly friendly and likeable – putting everyone with whom he speaks at ease.

"Jason is truly a gem that we were fortunate enough to have discovered. Our only regret is that we’ve been unable to entice him to move to Florida and work with us full-time. We highly recommend Sherman Communications & Marketing and I am more than happy to talk with anyone about our experience working with Jason’s firm."

Mindy Parker, co-founder
MP Artworks (


"It has truly been a pleasure working with Jason and his partners – and I look forward to working with them on future projects. I highly recommend these creative, experienced professionals to anyone seeking assistance with strategic marketing or Web site-related projects."
Christa Guttenberger, director of marketing
Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (formerly with Music Institute of Chicago)


"To say Jason Sherman's work is second to none is an understatement. The exposure Jason has brought to our firm has gone well beyond anything we ever imagined. I wholeheartedly recommend you hire Jason for any of your public relation needs.”

Bill Hayes, director of asset management

Chicago Investment Group


"Jason Sherman and his company Sherman Communications has repeatedly provided outstanding marketing and public relations services. I have known the company's work through several of my clients who have been more than satisfied with the results. If you need help in developing a marketing message and a plan to get that message out to the public, Jason is the one to do it."

Michael Shapiro, owner

Dynamic Management Solutions