A good marketing and PR partner will help you figure out where you should be headed and how to get there. If you don’t have a good map and approach, you could end up stalled on the roadside…while your competitors pass you by.

We’ve refined a proven and effective seven-stage process for helping our clients get from point (A)ggravating problem to (B)est-in-class solution. Depending on your needs and budget, we vary the time spent on each of the following stages:



  1. Have initial conversations.
  2. Develop and share deep-dive questions and list of requested items.
  3. Meet & discuss: problems that need to be addressed, organizational history, objectives, scope, audiences, challenges, market, competitors, opportunities and more.
  4. Audit existing communications vehicles.
  5. Research key audiences (management, employee and customer interviews; competitor analysis; market review; other).


  1. Process information / findings.
  2. Recognize inherent solutions, branding & messaging opportunities.
  3. Draw and share findings, conclusions.
  4. Create / refine objectives.


  1. Create a strategic plan – can range from high level to comprehensive, depending on the goals and objectives we wish to achieve. Components can include:
    • Objectives.
    • Audiences.
    • Branding, messaging.
    • Challenges & opportunities.
    • Strategies & tactics.
    • Measurement.


  1. Happens at all stages of our engagement.
  2. Review, discuss and adjust elements of plan / recommendations, as needed.
  3. Develop timeline for execution.
  4. Solidify expectations, measurements of success.


  1. Execute – relentlessly.


  1. Pole perceptions and attitudes.
  2. Measure behavioral changes.
  3. Assess media coverage.
  4. Discuss results.
  5. Incorporate changes in priorities and market.
  6. Revise approach, where needed.


  1. Celebrate victories.
  2. Continue work.

“Jason Sherman puts his money where his mouth is...he delivers on creative projects and provides imaginative publicity that works on many levels. He's a great strategic thinker who can help you with real issues, like growing revenues and impacting your bottom line.”

Phillip McCaleb, (former founder & president)Genuine Scooter Company

“Jason has provided exceptional communications expertise throughout the development and implementation of the Academy for Global Citizenship. I have been particularly impressed with Jason's refreshing energy, innovative thinking and ability to drive fruitful connections.”

Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, Founder & Executive DirectorAcademy for Global Citizenship

“Jason is a high-energy guy, a great listener, and he always brings fresh, innovative ideas to the table. He is responsive, fast, thorough, results-oriented and provides a good value. Since he began working with ATG in mid-2008, He and his team’s efforts have increased ATG's public profile and brought a level of exposure we'd not been able to achieve in the past.”

Mary Beth McCarthy, Senior ManagerAttorneys' Title Guaranty Fund