Sherman Strategic Planning Process

We have crafted dozens of high-impact – comprehensive to high-level – strategic plans to help clients identify and achieve their marketing, communications and business objectives.

Any serious, sustained and multi-channeled communications program should be led by a strong strategic plan.

A thorough plan does the following:

  • Assesses existing strengths, the competitive landscape, inherent (including internal) challenges;
  • Identifies key audiences, opportunities and more;
  • Leverages existing strengths;
  • Creates relevant and high-impact strategies and tactics; and
  • Essentially provides a valuable roadmap to help us achieve key objectives.

You can expect a typical strategic plan we create for your organization to contain the following sections (though the contents are completely customized to your situation and needs, of course):

  • Situation Analysis
  • Targeted Audiences
  • Communications Audit & Recommendations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Internal Analysis
  • Brand Identity / Positioning
  • Key Messages
  • Objectives
  • Strategies & Tactics