Market Research Services

Great brands involve a promise and a relationship that go far beyond the purchasing decision or the delivery of product satisfaction. They include an emotional payoff, a sense of security, pride and, in some cases, self-identification.

Conducting well-conceived research is the best way to make sure you know:

1) How your audience thinks and feels about your brand;

2) How your competitors are selling themselves;

3) What their primary needs and motivators are (functional, emotional, and self-expressive);

4) What your business needs to focus on – especially as this impacts operations and communications;

5) What needs to be said; and

6) Where to spend your money wisely. It is no fun executing a large, expensive campaign to find out later that it simply didn’t work.

The resulting findings, conclusions, and recommendations from solid research help to build the foundation for good decisions and approaches…and create a benchmark against which to measure results later.

Out primary research services include:

  • Customer satisfaction / trend surveys
  • Employee satisfaction / attitude surveys
  • Analyses of existing data / research
  • Competitive analyses
  • Test marketing new ideas and products
  • Best practices assessments
  • Media analyses
  • Tools: focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews, other